The 4th Oxford Interdisciplinary Desert Conference was held June 8-9, 2017, at the School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford. The conference “provided a forum for researchers and those interested in desert and dryland environments and societies to present, discuss and debate dryland themes and research.

“The Oxford Desert Conference brought together academics and non-academics who research, work and live across the world’s desert and semi-desert regions for two days of vibrant talks, presentations, panels and networking opportunities.

“For 2017, we encouraged presentations on issues related to health, mobility and forced displacement, and environmental governance. We also encouraged participants from the Humanities to join us. The combination of research presentations, open engagement and working group panels encouraged debate, conversation and exchange of ideas.”

Here’s a pdf of the conference program, and conference organizer, Dr. Ariel Ahearn, recorded her impressions of the conference on her blog.

Previous conferences we held in 2010, 2102 and 2015, so look for the 5th Oxford Interdisciplinary Desert Conference in 2019 or 2020. Contacts for the 2017 conference were Dr. Troy Sternberg and Dr. Ariell Ahearn, Also check out Oxford’s Climate page.